Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Cleaning Mode For Sony A7 Series Cameras With Built-In Image Stabilization

Sony cameras such at the a7 II, a7R II and a7S II have built in image stabilization. So if you try cleaning the sensor with a wet method such as with the Alpha Swabs and Beta Optical Cleaning Solution, the sensor will want to move around on you while swabbing the sensor. There is a process in which you can get the sensor to become more stable for the wet cleaning process. This technique doesn’t make it as stable as the non-built in image stabilization but its much better than without using it.

  1. Make sure your battery has at least 50% life left
  2. Enter into the cameras menu and select cleaning mode. I have found this to be under option 3 in the toolbox section of most cameras.
  3. Move the cursor so that the “Enter” option is highlighted and press the select button. The camera will now shake, trying to shake the dust particles off of the sensor.
  4. After the shaking is completed you will be shown a screen that tells you to “Turn the power off.” Do NOT turn the power off as you are now in the manual cleaning mode. When you are done doing the wet cleaning, you should power the camera off.

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